4 Years of Love!

Today Payden and I have been married for 4 years!! It has been a crazy wonderful 4 years full of learning together in love and growing our family. It has been THE BEST! I wouldn't trade a single day of it to be where we are now in marriage in life and with or family.

I love you more then words can say Mr. and my life would be nothing without you and our beautiful children! You have given me so much happiness, a best friend and a lover to go through life with day by day. Thank you for loving me the way I love you and being such a wonderful hubby and daddy! I will love you forever and stand by your side with whatever comes our way! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PAYDINI! Love your Wowio ;D

Naturally I can't post a photo of just our wedding... We have done a lot in 4 years and every day we grew in love. So here are the last 4 years in a scramble.


Our family

All because I fell in love with that crazy wonderful man!! I am so blessed to be MRS. TOONE and be mommy to Braylie and Traetyn! My view could not get any more beautiful then the faces of those three who I LOVE SO MUCH!!

Life lately in instagram pics

So I'm thinking that I Want to start posting pics of each day on my blog to keep as a journal and write what we did that day. I'm prob going to keep it private like an electronic journal. What do you all think?

Well here is our life lately in some instagram photos. Some are just off my phone with no edits or anything.